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 Volume 1


 An Introduction to Volume 1

The more I hunt in my home state of Kansas, the more I realize that those who identify as hunters are prone to either be landowners or maintain close relationships with landowners. Hunting here feels limited to those who have the capability to walk into their own (or a close friend’s) backyard and sit in a tree stand. Without consideration for the ample opportunity that public hunting land presents, the non-landowner types feel they must pony up for a hunting lease, gain close ties to a landowner, or simply let the dust collect on the gun safe.

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When I encounter a hunter who shies from the thought of hunting on public land, I can’t help but feel that they are victims of their own limited imagination. So many buy into the perception that public land is over-hunted and void of viable game populations. What happened to the hunter that smiles to the thought of a challenge, scowls at the idea of a guarantee, and embraces the full spirit of the hunt?

This, Public Pursuit, is the story of my hunting season, 2018-2019, as I hunt every single game species in the state that I grew up, in one season, on land that every American is entitled to hunt on. I’m going to disprove the negative stereotypes surrounding public hunting land and show you that there’s more to Kansas than The Wizard of Oz. I hope that my journey may rekindle the flame in the former hunter and build the confidence in the new hunter.

Come along with me and share the best hunting season of my life, in the best state in America. My name is Ian Burrow, and I am Public Pursuit.

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From Border to Border

This map depicts where, all over the Sunflower State, I have traveled for Public Pursuit. It has been broken down into six layers: Big Game, Migratory Birds, Upland Birds, Turkey, Furbearer, and Small Game. These pin drops are layered to reflect how the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism’s literature groups wild game species. Several of these pin drops are overlapping where I have pursued more than one category of game species in the same area.

 The Highlights

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