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Fowl Front Podcast: Public Land Etiquette

Monday, August 12, I’ll join Ben Paige with the Fowl Front podcast to discuss public land etiquette. We’ll dive in to the subliminal, cultural “do’s” and “don’ts” for hunters, new and seasoned alike, to be cognizant of when hunting on public land.

Public land etiquette, although applicable for any species of hunt, is particularly relevant given that most bodies of water (and where you’ll inevitably end up if you’re waterfowl hunting) are public waters with surrounding public lands. If you live in the midwest and you want to go duck hunting, you will most likely end up hunting on a piece of state or federally managed land and water.

The Fowl Front podcast is arguably the best waterfowl-related hunting podcast you could subscribe to. It’s extremely educational and you’ll be sure to walk away after listening to episode with a new nugget of knowledge to help improve your success and experience on your next waterfowl hunt.

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